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versatile 301 redirect, a useful content marketiing tool for Search and Social Media marketing experts.

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Rederekt is an online service that provides 301 redirects for brands, businesses, and media. All redirects are screened by a real human to be a valid and safe link before inclusion. Get your 301 redirects from Rederekt today. NOTE: You must qualify, fill out our qualification form here.

What is a 301 redirect? A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to another.

Benefits of adding Rederekt to your marketing stack

What We Do.

We saw a need to fill, to help Online Marketing professionals with building a diverse link profile, a underused strategy that pays off in the long run. It helps in gradually building a site's authority and can protect against algorithm updates focused on link quality and relevance.


Redirecting old or broken URLs to relevant pages prevents users from landing on error pages, which can be frustrating and may lead to a poor perception of your brand. By ensuring users always find the content they're looking for, you enhance user satisfaction and engagement with your brand online.

Improve Search

link diversity is crucial for building a strong, resilient SEO foundation. It not only helps in improving rankings and avoiding penalties but also enhances the overall authority and user experience of your website. Integrating this approach with your focus on Entity SEO and Semantic SEO, along with a keen eye on topical relevance, can significantly amplify your SEO efforts and outcomes. Using a Rederekt 301 redirect improves the link diversity of the destination url.

Consolidate Your Domain's Authority

If you're rebranding or merging websites, 301 redirects allow you to consolidate the domain authority of different URLs into one. This can be particularly beneficial if you're moving to a new domain and want to transfer the SEO value of your existing content to the new site.

Facilitate Site Structure Changes

Whether it’s a full website redesign or a reorganization of content, 301 redirects help you make structural changes without losing the search engine visibility and user traffic that your old pages have built up. This allows for flexibility in improving and updating your site over time to meet evolving marketing goals.


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